Ass Smothering

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This slave doesn't stand a chance with the 2 hot fat chicks Cathy and her friend Cora. These girls are some gorgeous BBW's and they love dominating this slave together with their big asses. They push their asses together with his head in the middle so they can crush it and smother him at the same time. They take turns sitting on his face with their full weight and you can't even see his head.

Cute blonde BBW Cathy is one of the best facesitting mistresses out there because her ass is so big that she has no problem completely covering a slave's face from top to bottom. All she has to do is sit on him and once she pushes her full weight down; her slave is trapped under her ass smothering and fighting for breath. That is her favorite part of the facesitting session.

Voluptuous blonde BBW mistress Cathy might have some pounds on her but there is a lot of sexiness packed into those massive curves. She start facesitting on this slave and his entire head and neck disappears under her rolls. He smothers under her layers of fat and he is helpless because her full weight is too much for him and he is pinned to the floor so he can't get up.

Two BBW sluts Cathy and Cora have enough ass for ten slaves, but they subject their one slave to double facesitting. Their huge asses lower down on to his face until all he can see and smell is ass and pussy. They both sit on his face then one sits on his face while the other sits on his body. He can not move under the weight of their asses and must lie there and smother.

Plus size Cathy has plenty of sexy white ass to go around so she gets two slaves, one female and one male. She makes them lie with their heads together so she can lower her massive ass down on to both of their faces. She lets her female slave smother her male slave with her ass before using both of them as human stools and sits on their faces individually.

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