Ass Smothering

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After they had had sex, this mistress did not cum. Her boyfriend was not able to rise to the occasion again and she did not want to wait until it happened again. She was impatient and had to get her orgasm right there and then. So she used her facesitting to smother him and as she rubbed her pussy and clit on his face, she had the orgasm she wanted.

Mistress Cassie and mistress Tink could not believe the nerve that this guy had to think that he could demand for a threesome from the mistresses. They did not know him and they did not owe him anything. But he felt that he could ask for it and they would be forced to oblige. They were pissed at him and had to make sure that he never did that again. So they painfully ass smothered him.

This girl was too negative for mistress Joleen and she had to put a stop to it. She felt that she was doing it to drag her down and she did not want that kind of energy around her. That is why she chose to punish the girl and she smothered her with her ass to make sure that she learned never to bring that negative energy anywhere near her.

This married man was trying to hit on madam Mysteria. He was fine and she was bored and horny so she did not mind. She wanted to have a little fun with him but she knew that there would be no penetration. The mistress chose to facesit on him, have him lick her ass and pussy and give him a handjob as he ate her out. They both had an orgasm.

Mistress Theona did not want neighbors who did not know how to co-exist with others. She had to tell this girl how to live with others harmoniously but she was rude and she did not want to listen to her. She got fed up and she facesat her with her ass to teach her a lesson. The mistress enjoyed herself as she did so and made sure the lesson was learned.

With her big ass, mistress Zephy cruelly facesat this guy and she made sure that he was humiliated and that he would never do what he had done. She covered his face with her ass and not only choked him, but she also made sure that he felt pain. He cried at what she did to him but she did not care. She had to finish what she had started.

When this mistress tried to calm this guy down and prevent him from being unruly, he did not respond to her and he ignored her. She did not want to be ignored and so she used her ass smothering fetish to punish him and to send a message to him. As he was smothered and choked, he realized that he had to learn to do things her way and he did.

Mistress Lola needed this guy to know that she would not condone his lateness. She felt that he had to learn his lesson the hard way and that is why she chose to cruelly facesit him and smother his face with her ass. The mistress did not care what the guy felt as she knew that he might be faking it. He had to endure the pain and humiliation for him never to do it again.

Lady Naomi was fed up with this guy and she had to do what she does best which was to punish the guy and teach him a lesson no one had ever taught him before. The mistress was not going to let the guy get away with it and that is why she opted to smother him with her ass as well as with her feet. He felt both humiliation and pain.

Lady Naomi is the best when it comes to ass smothering. She was at it again today but it was not for her. She was doing it to show her friends how to do it as they were on her case about wanting to learn how it was done for them to be as good as she was. So she chose to show them and let them try it for themselves.

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