Ass Smothering

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Lady Melissa put on some skin tight black pants so she can subject her loser slave to some humiliating facesitting. She is so beautiful and blonde that he is more than happy to be her human seat cushoin. She sits on his face in her pants then pulls them down so she can lower her bare ass and crotch on to his face smothering him until he can't breathe and that's the way she likes it.

Beautiful redhead Tina is so sexy in her jeans. Especially when she is putting her slave through an intense round of jeans facesitting. She uses him as a human cushion on the couch then makes him lie in the floor so she can get all the way down and smother him with her sexy jeans ass. She has a big smile on her face because she loves to smother her slave with facesitting.

Smoldering hot brunette Despina works hard in her office and uses her slave as a human cushion so she can be comfortable working. She arches her back and sticks out her sexy jeans ass and puts her full weight on his face. Her slave lies back with his head in her office chair so she can smother him with her jeans ass and crotch. She gets a lot of work done with her slave's face in her ass.

Manuela is a dominating mistress who makes her slave tilt his head back on her chair so he can be her human cushion. She hovers over him with her sexy jeans ass and finally sits down on his face with her full weight. She smothers him with jeans facesitting on the chair then moves to the floor so she can get her ass all the way down so she can smother him.

Mistress Stella has her own private ass slave who today wants to be used as a human cushion, he wants her to show him who is boss by smothering him all over with her ass, making sure she presses her full weight into him so that he can barely breathe. This sexy mistress loves her facesitting and takes all the pleasure in grinding into her ass slave, completely and totally dominating him.

There are times that a girl just needs to sit and think. Amanda loves to have an audience, just doesn't care if they talk back or not. When she has an idea, she goes to her slave, sits on his face and talks it out. She knows that he isn't able to respond because he can't breathe. She loves knowing that he is dependent upon her to draw his next breathe.

There are some slaves that don't know why they are getting harsh treatments but they have to accept it. Empress CruelOn is one mean woman. She only thinks of her pleasure and satisfaction. When she wants to sit on her slave's face, she puts him on the couch and pulls her dress up. She puts her thong covered pussy on his face and does the same with her ass. As soon as she gets tired of him, she is done.

There are times that Mistress Kathrin gets in a certain mood when she wears her favorite jeans. She loves to sit on her slaves and she has the perfect slave in mind. She calls him into her den and has him lie on the floor. She sits on his face, cutting off his breath. She doesn't care if he can't breathe in her scent. She just wants him to lay there and while she gets it out of her system.

Mistress Leana is a sexy mistress that takes her boyfriend and is going to sit on his face one way or another today! She makes him lay down on the bed on his back and she then gets on top of his face and sits down. She presses her ass down on his face and sits on him with her full weight pressing down on his face making him smell her sexy ass.

This sexy mistress that is ready to sit down and relax for a little bit and she decides to use her slave as a human cushion and then sit on him as she reads for a few hours. She makes him put his head on the couch and she sits down on top of him with her full weight pressing down on his head. She smothers him with her ass for hours as she sits and smothers him with her sexy ass.

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