Ass Smothering

Do you love the feeling of hot, sexy asses which prevents you from breathing? Then check out those clips - NOW!

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This guy thought he could nail these two girls but instead of him having a threesome with them, the mistresses had fun at his expense. Instead of fun, he was in pain as the two mistresses smothered him after they had tied him down. They used ass smothering to dominate him and in no time, he was begging them to let him go but the mistresses did not listen to him.

When Lady Cathy and Cora get together, they know they have a huge set of asses. These ladies don't care how big they are though, they intend on having fun. They call Lady Cathy's slave into the room and sit on him. They take turns forcing his face into their denim covered asses. They laugh at his struggle to breathe and make sure that he knows he is not in control.

When Goddess No and Dutchess get together it's a very bad and brutal time for all of the slaves involved in their fun. These hot babes are going to put on their sexiest outfit, because they are going to sit on and smother the slave. He will have his face sat on with full body weight. They will also take time to crush him as well.

When Goddess No gets ready to do some damage to a slave, she immediately calls her sexy friend up to help. They love to smother slaves. Once her friend arrives, the two hot babes are going to smother and crush the loser slave with their feet, and their ass's. The slave will endure both of the hot ladies on his face, and walking on his body.

Mistress Mercedes is a very hot babe with a great ass. She looks so hot in her jeans. Mistress Mercedes is going to make her slave lay on the ground. She will then have her slave open wide, because she is going to smash his face with her very nice ass. The slave will enjoy the taste of Mistress Mercedes's denim jeans plus her nice smell.

Sexy Russian girls Katja and Ljuba are very hot babes that have a love for smoking, but these babes also have another side to them. They are going to torture their slave that is barely noticeable. Their slave is located in a box that only allows his face to show. The girls will sit on his face and giggle with amusement knowing they are humiliating him.

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