Ass Smothering

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Charlotte looks like a raven haired angel with her black hair, black and white outfit, high heels and fishnet stockings. Her skin glows and her tattoos look sexy as she starts facesitting on her lucky slave. She pulls up her skirt so her ass can cover his face with nothing between her ass and his face but fishnets and a G-string. This slave could lie there all day and be content even though he's smothering.

Zoe is a tender young brunette mistress, but she is far from innocent. She is quite cruel for a cute young lady because she starts facesitting on her slave and she isn't happy until his face is completely covered by her ass. She sits on his face with some tight black shorts on and pushes down with her full weight until he starts to smother. Her warm ass spreads over his face.

Smoldering hot brunette Despina works hard in her office and uses her slave as a human cushion so she can be comfortable working. She arches her back and sticks out her sexy jeans ass and puts her full weight on his face. Her slave lies back with his head in her office chair so she can smother him with her jeans ass and crotch. She gets a lot of work done with her slave's face in her ass.

Sexy brunette Mistress Cleo looks so hot in her tight animal print outfit and high heel shoes. She likes to dress her best when she is subjecting her slave to brutal facesitting. She grabs his head so she can push her crotch down on to his face. She then turns around and sits down on his face with his nose buried in her sexy ass. She smothers him intensely with her ass and crotch.

This cute and fair skinned brunette Zoe looks cute, but she is cruel when it comes to facesitting. Her slave lies in the floor while she sits on his face hard in her sexy jeans. He can feel her warm crotch and ass through her jeans as she completely covers his face and smothers him with her ass and crotch. She loves facesitting and could care less how cruel it is.

These two sexy mistresses have decided to go on a first date! Of course, what other great activity could they share for a little bonding than to stomp and sit on a stupid slave. They party and dance on top of him, crushing their asses and pussies into his face and making him smell their terrible ass smell. They seem to be hitting it off very well and will probably be crushing slaves together for a long time.

Mite is the brand new victim of smothering team Sibila and Maria. They have their asses stuffed into some tight leather pants and are all ready for some face sitting action. Might lays down on the floor and smother his face with their tight asses. Mite becomes a human cushion for these sexy mistresses wjp love putting all of their wight on his slave face, forcing him to smell everything they got.

You cannot mess with Jessica Perola at all. Not only does she brutalize women, but she straight dominates them to the fullest. Jessica will slap these girls, bounce on their face with her juicy ass, and choke them. Will these girls make it out the same? Probably not, but they sure put up a good fight. No one is a match for Jessica Perola ever.

Poor Kacie is going to get a nice face full of the lovely Alex and Teodora's ass right in her face. All of the lovely ladies enjoy facesitting. Female domination can be so erotic and hot, but when you have hot ladies participating it gets even hotter. Their denim jeans are going to get a great workout today, and Kacie's face will be nicely smashed by all the girls.

Mistress Teodora is a sexy brunette mistress that sits down on her slave Kacies face and smothers her with her sexy ass. She sits on her slaves face and makes her use her face as a chair as she sits with her full weight pressing down on her face and smothers her with her sexy ass. This mistress loves to make it as difficult as possible for her slaves to breathe under her ass.

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