Ass Smothering

Do you love the feeling of hot, sexy asses which prevents you from breathing? Then check out those clips - NOW!

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Mistress Kasha is a horny blonde goddess who loves facesitting in lingerie because she can really feel the slave's face buried in her ass and crotch. This slave lies on the sofa while she pushes her round ass down on his face. He starts to smother and she grabs him by the hair to shove his face deeper into her ass. She really gets off on this type of punishment.

Mercedes is an excellent boss. She has no problem getting her employees to do what they are told, especially the men. No one knew why she had such power over these men until this video. Her secret is hard facesitting. She calls them into her office, makes them lie in the floor, then humiliates and smothers them by sitting on their face in her stretch pants then pulls them down for facesitting in stockings.

Kathrin looks so sexy in her short cut off jean shorts and her black stockings with sneakers. She makes her old loser slave lie on the floor while she smothers him with dominating facesitting until he can't breathe. She covers his nose and mouth with her ass and crotch until he smothers under her the weight of her ass and sniffs her crotch. All he can do is lie there.

Cute facesitting girl Janette manhandles her slave and sits down hard on his face. She starts the facesitting by making him lie back with his head on her chair while she straddles his face in pants. Then she makes him lie in the floor while she takes her pants off and sits on his face smothering him with her ass in her stockings. He loves all the ass sniffing he gets to do.

When Kasha finishes a dance rehearsal, she wants her slave near so that he can help her relax. She puts him on the floor and puts her stocking covered ass in his face. She knows that she stinks of sweat but she doesn't care. Having his face and hot breathe on her ass and pussy is what makes her happy. He hopes that it will be over soon but she takes her time.

Poor Kacie is going to get a nice face full of the lovely Alex and Teodora's ass right in her face. All of the lovely ladies enjoy facesitting. Female domination can be so erotic and hot, but when you have hot ladies participating it gets even hotter. Their denim jeans are going to get a great workout today, and Kacie's face will be nicely smashed by all the girls.

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