Ass Smothering

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Mistress Misty wanted to get this guy to do something for her. He refused to do it and she did not ask again. He knew how important it was to her and she did not bother telling him. She just threw him on the bed and she ass smothered him. She nearly choked him as she faced on him and even added a pillow and he could not breathe properly. He finally agreed to do what she wanted.

Jasmina was bored and she wanted to have some fun. After looking for what to do, she remembered her slave and tied him down before smothering his face with her ass in underwear. All this while she was eating strawberries

Mistress Katharina loves a good smothering workout, and her slaves do too. Today she puts on her best sweat pants and gets nice and hot in this workout video. Then, once she's good and sweaty, she takes off the pants and reveals her black thong. She takes a good long time to rub her smelly pussy and ass into the face of her victim, who can barely breathe but for her womanly smell.

Xenia is a sexy blonde with a tight body and she is wearing some even tighter jeans, the kind that perfectly wrap around her ass, perfect for sitting on the face of her slave. She plants it down firmly on his nose, making him smell her ass, completely smothering his face. With her full weight she presses down, making sure he gets every last smell up his nose like a good ass slave.

Hot girls Tatiana and Mia engage in this amateur wrestling match as the two girls wear their skimpy lingerie outfits and face sit each other on the mat. Tatiana tames the bad girl mia and gains full control of the match as she sits on top of her in her fishnet stockings and lets her ample breasts exposed. Mia is forced to breathe in Tatiana's hot pussy once again as always

The ever sexy Egyptian Mistress Rashida is about to teach her slave a lesson about facesitting as she smothers her slave with her sexy ass. She gets on the mats and she takes her slave Hailey down within a few minutes and she does not take long to sit on her face and smother her with her sexy ass. This sexy mistress loves to torture her slave as she smothers her and makes it hard for her to breathe.

Mistress candy Shows her slave Kacie what ass smothering is all about slave Kacie has not ever been dominate so she is not ready for what happens next . Mistress candy sits her sexy candy ass against slave Kacie face .Mistress candy grinds her spandex ass really hard on the face of her slave until slave Kacie get so excite that her tongue slips out of her mouth they grind back and fourth until done.

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