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Mistress Katharina has a facesitting fetish. She likes to smother her slave's faces with her ass. She does it so well like someone riding a horse. She makes them smell her ass and pussy as well

Cleo knows how strong denim is and that is why she likes wearing her jeans when facesitting and crushing her slaves with her ass. This way, she does more damage and tortures the slaves to her satisfaction

While other mistresses like facesitting on their slaves with denim, mistress Melisa on the other hand likes to smother their faces while she is wearing only her thong. That way, they can smell her pussy and her stinky ass and she can get her clit rubbed

Mistress Katharina loves a good smothering workout, and her slaves do too. Today she puts on her best sweat pants and gets nice and hot in this workout video. Then, once she's good and sweaty, she takes off the pants and reveals her black thong. She takes a good long time to rub her smelly pussy and ass into the face of her victim, who can barely breathe but for her womanly smell.

Calina has invited the young 18 year old Gia over to her apartment in order to have some fun sitting on her face. Gia has never done this before but before you know it she is planting her tight ass in those tight jeans on Calina's face, smothering her and making her smell all up in her ass. Right on the couch, Calina enjoys every moment of being dominated by her new friend.

Yvonne is a woman that knows where she wants to sit. She loves heat and she knows that her slave will give her the perfect seat. As soon as she comes into the study, she lifts her skirt and plants her face on an unwilling slave's face. His hiding his face won't keep her from sitting on it. She sits down and enjoys the feel of his hot breath running across her pussy.

There are some slaves that don't know why they are getting harsh treatments but they have to accept it. Empress CruelOn is one mean woman. She only thinks of her pleasure and satisfaction. When she wants to sit on her slave's face, she puts him on the couch and pulls her dress up. She puts her thong covered pussy on his face and does the same with her ass. As soon as she gets tired of him, she is done.

Svenja wants nothing more then to sit down, and enjoy her living chair. She smashes her ass directly into her slaves face forcing him to bury his face deep into her sexy ass. She bounces up and down sitting directly on her slaves face not caring whether or not he can breath. It is his job to sit and take all of the face sitting she wants to give out.

It is a double face sitting for the slave as Athena and Samantha get together to sit on this slaves face in their black spandex pants. The slave lies on the floor as the two hot mistresses join together to form one so they can give this slave a face full of their hot asses. The slave is forced to breathe in the two beauties asses on the floor

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