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Mistress Jenny never fails in the cute and sexy department, however she is thinking of torturing one of her slave while wearing her black thong. She will sit right on her slave's face with her tiny little black lacy thong. Her slave will get to smell the aroma of her pussy and her asshole. She loves the thought that is all he is able to smell.

Some days Zoe is feeling rather savage, so she is going to put on her camo shirt and her denim jeans. She is going to have her loser submissive ex boyfriend come over, so she can show him just what a piece of shit she truly thinks he is. Zoe will smash her pussy and ass right on his face wearing her tight denim jeans. He is so sorry.

Kathrin had a very hard workout, but now it is time to humiliate her slave too. She is going strap him to her workout bench and place her sweaty ass and pussy right on his face. The slave must sniff and smell all of Kathrin's ass and pussy no matter what. She got a great workout, so naturally she is very sweaty and smelly, but she doesn't care.

Zoe is a wonderful mistress experienced in all type of facesitting. She is also great at making her cheating boyfriend pay for all of his crap. Zoe is going to have her soon to be ex lay down, so she can force her perfect ass right on his face. She will give her loser soon to be ex one last sniff before kicking his ass to the curb.

Jasmina was blessed with a terrific ass. She possess's curves in all the right places, especially her juicy booty. When it comes time to sit down, Jasmina doesn't have to worry about anything. She will take off her tight black pants and show off her sexy black lace thong. Jasmina will then sit right on top of her slave's face with all of her smell to be sniffed.

Mistress Mercedes is a very sexy mistress with the hottest ass ever. She is going to wear a special outfit just for her slave. However, she is also going to smother him with her ass and her pussy right on his face. The slave is going to get a face full of her juicy ass. The slave is very happy, but Mistress Mercedes is the happiest.

Sexy Jessy is a very pretty blonde babe with a great body. She is going to sit right on the face of her slave. She will take her very thin panties and place her pussy right on his face. The slave is going to sniff and smell every scent of Sexy Jessy's warm spot. She is amused because she is texting while sitting on his face.

Mercedes just got in from a hot afternoon out. She feels sweaty and ready to do other things with her day. Before she does, she wants to sit down and think. She has her slave assume the position and she sits her sweaty ass down on his face. She knows that he is gasping for breath and she doesn't care. She wants him to smell all of her delicious scent.

There are sometimes that slaves have to be made uncomfortable. Jessica is called into the room to teach a slave what that means. She puts him into her special leather chair. When he is in position, she puts her jean clad ass over his face, trapping him. He can't turn his head and has to smell her. She doesn't care how he feels, wants or that he can't breathe. Next time he will listen or he goes back to the chair.

There are times that Mistress Kathrin gets in a certain mood when she wears her favorite jeans. She loves to sit on her slaves and she has the perfect slave in mind. She calls him into her den and has him lie on the floor. She sits on his face, cutting off his breath. She doesn't care if he can't breathe in her scent. She just wants him to lay there and while she gets it out of her system.

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