Ass Smothering

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Mistress jean likes to dominate her slave she put on pants that she has worn fore a few days. This way she can tease and dominate her submissive boy friend.she pushes him against the wall and to the Flore and tells him hes been a notie boy and she needs to sit on his face so she does. The boy friend gets to smell her hot ass and pussy while she rubes back and forth until she drops her pants so she can feel his nose between her ass cheeks.

Mistress tina likes to keep her house clean but when its not its her boy friend responsibility to to all the house work. Because the work was not done she grabs him by the back of the head and push him down to the Flore and sits on his face grinding back and fourth on his face until he cant breath. she is such a hot goddess her boy friend love to be ass smother as much as possible.

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