Ass Smothering

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Mercedes Boode is a mistress that is so fucking brutal, her slaves get scared when they think about having to see her. She will get into her cute little outfit with a thong, but she is going to get out the duct tape and brutalize her slave's face. She is laughing the whole time, because the slave is so fucking weak and pathetic to look at while smothered.

Svenja is a nice mistress that enjoys herself, but smothering slaves is her favorite thing to do. She enjoys it when she puts on her dark blue denim jeans, and sits politely on her slave's face. She likes to rub her ass on him to humiliate him, but she always makes sure she puts her ass directly on the top of his nose so he can smell her.

Aileen Taylor can't get anymore hotter, because not only is she a super hot and sexy blonde, but her body just won't quit. She has the best body ever, and her curves are to die for. She is going to sit on her slave's face and drive him totally crazy. Her slave is going to be totally turned on, because he is being smothered by Aileen.

Emely is a hot mistress that loves to put on a pair of tight jeans. She is going to humiliate her slave by sitting down on the slave's face with her jeans. She takes pride in smothering the slave. He is pretty fucking pathetic in her opinion, so she could care less that she is using all of her body weight right on his weak loser face.

Marylou is a mistress that loves to do very humiliating things to her slaves. When she isn't being demanding, she is taking out her frustrations on her slave boy. He is very pathetic, so sitting on his face smothering him makes her feel good. She loves to use him as a seat cushion, because he is so weak and pathetic. She also laughs at him.

Diana is going to do some really brutal shit to her loser boyfriend. She thinks he is cheating on her, therefore she is going to humiliate the fucker and let him know he isn't jackshit to her other than a fucking loser. Diana will sit on his face with her jeans and rub her ass right on his face. He is begging her to stop as she smiles.

Katharina could not be any more sexier than she already is with her hot red outfit. She takes pride in how sexy she is, and she loves how dominating she can be. Katharina will place her ass on her slave's face, but she will also show off her tiny red thong and have it smother her slave's face. Katharina is beyond sexy and hot with her body.

Gina is a rocking hot bodied babe that loves her tight ass in jeans. She is going to take her perfect jeans and sit right on the face of her ass slave. Her slave has been a total loser for a long time, but she is going to make sure her slave understands that he is a fucking loser and he truly is pathetic as fuck.

Janette is a lady that has a terrific ass. Her ass is so nice that her slave will get to enjoy the benefits of a mistress with ass smothering skills. She is going to take her ass and put it right on the face of her slave. Smothering him with her ass makes her feel in control, and she is amused by how stupid he looks.

This sexy girl knows that a couch is not good enough for her. But she wants to sit down and have a lazy day texting, so she finds one of her human furniture butt slaves and lays him down to sit on him. Of course she tapes his mouth shut and ties up his hands so that all he can do is sit there and breathe in her ass and pussy smell.

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