Ass Smothering

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Poor Kacie is going to get a nice face full of the lovely Alex and Teodora's ass right in her face. All of the lovely ladies enjoy facesitting. Female domination can be so erotic and hot, but when you have hot ladies participating it gets even hotter. Their denim jeans are going to get a great workout today, and Kacie's face will be nicely smashed by all the girls.

Mistress Serina is a sexy mistress that takes her slave and uses his face as a human cushion as she sits on his face and smothers him with her sexy ass. She is wearing a pair of blue jeans as she sits on his face and she sits on him with her full weight pressing down on his face and she makes it very difficult for her slave to breathe.

Goddess NO is a sexy blonde mistress wearing a sexy pair of black fishnet pantyhose with a pair of black panties and a black tank top as she sits on her slaves face and uses him as human furniture. This sexy mistress is annoyed because her slave is breathing his warm air on her sexy ass so she tapes his mouth and nose shut. Once he is taped shut she sits on him again and reads her books as he is smothered.

This mistress is a hot piece of ass who likes to dominate her worthless boy friend. Mistress Lexi likes a good face cushion. Mistress Lexi loves to dig her ass and pussy against his face rubbing back an fourth spreading her ass cheeks as wide as she can to get her bastard boy friend what he deserved a juicy ass and pussy against his face smothering him as long as possible until he passes out.

Mistress jean likes to dominate her slave she put on pants that she has worn fore a few days. This way she can tease and dominate her submissive boy friend.she pushes him against the wall and to the Flore and tells him hes been a notie boy and she needs to sit on his face so she does. The boy friend gets to smell her hot ass and pussy while she rubes back and forth until she drops her pants so she can feel his nose between her ass cheeks.

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