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There are sometimes that slaves have to be made uncomfortable. Jessica is called into the room to teach a slave what that means. She puts him into her special leather chair. When he is in position, she puts her jean clad ass over his face, trapping him. He can't turn his head and has to smell her. She doesn't care how he feels, wants or that he can't breathe. Next time he will listen or he goes back to the chair.

There are some slaves that don't know why they are getting harsh treatments but they have to accept it. Empress CruelOn is one mean woman. She only thinks of her pleasure and satisfaction. When she wants to sit on her slave's face, she puts him on the couch and pulls her dress up. She puts her thong covered pussy on his face and does the same with her ass. As soon as she gets tired of him, she is done.

There are times that Mistress Kathrin gets in a certain mood when she wears her favorite jeans. She loves to sit on her slaves and she has the perfect slave in mind. She calls him into her den and has him lie on the floor. She sits on his face, cutting off his breath. She doesn't care if he can't breathe in her scent. She just wants him to lay there and while she gets it out of her system.

Mistress Xenia knows that her slave has been naughty. She knows that he has been looking at another woman and that is against the rules. She takes him home and tells him why he is being punished. She then pulls up her skirt and sits on his mouth and nose so that he breathes in her scent. She wants her scent to be ingrained in him so that he doesn't make the same mistake again.

Gorgeous blonde lady Manon is wearing her black thong underwear and her pink netted stockings as she sits right down on top of her slaves face. She grinds her sexy ass right into his face making him smell between her ass cheeks and not letting him get any fresh air. She presses hard on his mouth and nose letting him get a nose and mouth full of her ripe pussy

Pretty Greek goddess Despina tests out her slaves face as a possible human seat as she wears her sexy tight jeans and black panties popping through her jeans. She has his face tilted back on the couch as she squats down and gives him a face full of her jeans ass and pussy. She finds her human seat very comfortable and will use his face as long as she pleases

Hot girls Tatiana and Mia engage in this amateur wrestling match as the two girls wear their skimpy lingerie outfits and face sit each other on the mat. Tatiana tames the bad girl mia and gains full control of the match as she sits on top of her in her fishnet stockings and lets her ample breasts exposed. Mia is forced to breathe in Tatiana's hot pussy once again as always

Cute blonde Katherin uses her slave as a human seat as she sits her big full ass right on top of his face smothering him with her big ass cheeks. She wears her lacy black stockings and her black thong underwear as she straddles his face with her lovely butt. At the same time she has her slave tied up and pinches his nipples and he can't do anything

Tatiana and Mia scheduled another wrestling match with each other and this time there were new rules as the two girls had to see who could orgasm on top of the others face first. The rule was the winner would be declared if one girl could gain control by getting on top of the others face first and then finger themselves into a nice orgasm on to p of the other

Mia always knew she was a tough dominatrix, but she proves herself again to the delightful Sam. Sam is a big girl, but that is no match for Mia. She totally takes control of the mat and Sam's face. Sam gets a mouthful of Mia's ass on her face. Sam can't move at all with Mia directly implanted on top of her face. What a match!

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