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You cannot mess with Jessica Perola at all. Not only does she brutalize women, but she straight dominates them to the fullest. Jessica will slap these girls, bounce on their face with her juicy ass, and choke them. Will these girls make it out the same? Probably not, but they sure put up a good fight. No one is a match for Jessica Perola ever.

Emma sure knows how to show her slave Chris the utmost in sadistic facesittings. Emma takes her naked ass and plants it right on top of Chris's face. She even spreads her cheeks wide open for Chris's nose to be embedded deep into her asshole. Talking about a harsh facesitting. Will Chris make it out alive after this experience? Way to go Emma for being so harsh.

Poor Kacie is going to get a nice face full of the lovely Alex and Teodora's ass right in her face. All of the lovely ladies enjoy facesitting. Female domination can be so erotic and hot, but when you have hot ladies participating it gets even hotter. Their denim jeans are going to get a great workout today, and Kacie's face will be nicely smashed by all the girls.

Mistress Manuela is a sexy mistress with blonde hair wearing a black tank top and white jean shorts as she sits on her slaves face and smothers him with her sexy jean covered ass. This sexy mistress makes her slave lay down on the bed and then she takes her sexy ass and smothers her slave with it making her slave suffocate as she prevents him from breathing under her ass.

Mistress Mia is a sexy blonde mistress that is wearing a black sweater and a pair of black jean shorts with studs on them as she sits down on her slaves Gommolos face. Once she smothers her slaves face with her sexy ass she then starts bouncing up and down on his face as she takes him for a ride and then she presses the metal studs down into his face.

Mistress Vanessa is a sexy mistress that takes her salve Eva and puts a leash on her and makes her walk around like a dog. She takes her slave and makes her sit against a chair, leaning her head back into the chair and then she sits down on her slaves face and smothers her with her sexy round ass. When her slave starts to try to get free Vanessa presses her jean covered ass down harder.

Mistress Leana is a sexy mistress that takes her boyfriend and is going to sit on his face one way or another today! She makes him lay down on the bed on his back and she then gets on top of his face and sits down. She presses her ass down on his face and sits on him with her full weight pressing down on his face making him smell her sexy ass.

Mistress Serina is a sexy mistress that takes her slave and uses his face as a human cushion as she sits on his face and smothers him with her sexy ass. She is wearing a pair of blue jeans as she sits on his face and she sits on him with her full weight pressing down on his face and she makes it very difficult for her slave to breathe.

This sexy mistress that is ready to sit down and relax for a little bit and she decides to use her slave as a human cushion and then sit on him as she reads for a few hours. She makes him put his head on the couch and she sits down on top of him with her full weight pressing down on his head. She smothers him with her ass for hours as she sits and smothers him with her sexy ass.

Mistress Jessica Perola is a super sexy Brazilian mistress that takes hers slaves and facesits on them. She uses her perfect body to smother her slaves Isabela and Erica under her enormous ass. This sexy mistress sits on her slaves faces as she smothers them and makes it difficult to breathe. These sexy slaves sit under their mistresses ass and they struggle to get free from under her large ass.

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