Ass Smothering

Do you love the feeling of hot, sexy asses which prevents you from breathing? Then check out those clips - NOW!

Gorgeous blonde girls Jane and Layla share a slave and make him lie on the carpet for some intense and humiliating double facesitting. They keep their jeans on and smother him with their sexy jeans asses. One of them holds his head and pushes it into the other one's crotch until he can't breathe. He is smothering but he loves the ass smelling that he gets to do as he is being dominated.

Lady Melissa put on some skin tight black pants so she can subject her loser slave to some humiliating facesitting. She is so beautiful and blonde that he is more than happy to be her human seat cushoin. She sits on his face in her pants then pulls them down so she can lower her bare ass and crotch on to his face smothering him until he can't breathe and that's the way she likes it.

Kathrin looks so sexy in her short cut off jean shorts and her black stockings with sneakers. She makes her old loser slave lie on the floor while she smothers him with dominating facesitting until he can't breathe. She covers his nose and mouth with her ass and crotch until he smothers under her the weight of her ass and sniffs her crotch. All he can do is lie there.

Lady Cathy has a very big facesitting ass and she uses every bit of it to cover the face of her slave. Her massive ass lowers down on to his face and her ass and crotch completely cover his head until he can't breathe. He smothers under the enormous ass and sniffs her crotch every time she lowers her ass down on top of him. She rides her slave's face in every position.

Mistress Manon is an intense mistress with a nice big ass that looks so sexy in her jeans. She leaves her jeans on and sits down hard on her slave's face until her smothers under her jeans ass. She does not care about the comfort of her slave. All she cares about is feeling her slave smother under her crotch and ass. She switches positions so she can cover his entire face.

Kathi didn't like the way Demy was looking at her boyfriend so she tied her up and made her lie in the middle of the floor so she can put her through some brutal facesitting. Kathi is in nothing but her panties as she smothers Demy with her sexy ass and makes her smell her crotch and ass. All Demy can do is lie there and smother under her ass.

Amanda is a petite dominating slut who loves to smother her slave with her jeans ass. She pushes her crotch down on his face and he can smell her pussy through her jeans. She turns around and her intense facesitting starts smothering him but all he can do is lie there until she is finished. He lies there limp as her sexy jeans ass covers his entire face until he can't breathe.

Two BBW sluts Cathy and Cora have enough ass for ten slaves, but they subject their one slave to double facesitting. Their huge asses lower down on to his face until all he can see and smell is ass and pussy. They both sit on his face then one sits on his face while the other sits on his body. He can not move under the weight of their asses and must lie there and smother.

Stunning blonde in short cut off jean shorts Jenny makes her slave lie back on her couch so she can straddle his face for some intense facesitting. He sniffs her crotch and ass through her jeans shorts and just lies there even though her ass and pussy is smothering him. He loves this kind of treatment because it is the only way that Jenny will let him touch her. She is sexy but cruel.

Plus size Cathy has plenty of sexy white ass to go around so she gets two slaves, one female and one male. She makes them lie with their heads together so she can lower her massive ass down on to both of their faces. She lets her female slave smother her male slave with her ass before using both of them as human stools and sits on their faces individually.

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