Ass Smothering

Do you love the feeling of hot, sexy asses which prevents you from breathing? Then check out those clips - NOW!

Dominique doesn't care that her jeans are dirty and covered in her body odor. Shes warn them for quite some time, just so she can use them on her slave. She sits on her slaves face smashing his head into her stinky warn jeans. Sticking his face deep into her ass as she grinds back and fourth smothering him with her dirty jeans smashing his nose deep into their fabric.

Candy and Teodora are just trying to have fun with their little slaves face. They rub their ass's back and fourth smothering kacie's face, choking her with their weight. Kacie sits willingly unable to move as she is used as a toy for their pleasure. Crushing her with all of their weight Candy and Teodora enjoy their little toy grinding her little face deep into their gorgeous ass's over and over.

Svenja wants nothing more then to sit down, and enjoy her living chair. She smashes her ass directly into her slaves face forcing him to bury his face deep into her sexy ass. She bounces up and down sitting directly on her slaves face not caring whether or not he can breath. It is his job to sit and take all of the face sitting she wants to give out.

Kathrin has one priority, to punish her little slave by crushing his face with her sexy ass in tight jeans. She wants him to feel the pain of being unable to breath underneath her weight, and won't give in until she is satisfied with his punishment. She handcuff's him and sits directly on his face smashing his nose deep into her jeans rocking back and fourth making it impossible for him to breath underneath her.

Alice sits on her mans face with her hot friend putting all of her weight into crushing his face. She bury's his nose deep into her hot ass grinding it with all of her force. She shows no remorse as she rocks bath and forth smashing his face with her curvy bottom. How much weight can this poor guy take? Alice won't give in until she has punished him properly.

Gorgeous blonde lady Manon is wearing her black thong underwear and her pink netted stockings as she sits right down on top of her slaves face. She grinds her sexy ass right into his face making him smell between her ass cheeks and not letting him get any fresh air. She presses hard on his mouth and nose letting him get a nose and mouth full of her ripe pussy

Pretty Greek goddess Despina tests out her slaves face as a possible human seat as she wears her sexy tight jeans and black panties popping through her jeans. She has his face tilted back on the couch as she squats down and gives him a face full of her jeans ass and pussy. She finds her human seat very comfortable and will use his face as long as she pleases

Hot girls Tatiana and Mia engage in this amateur wrestling match as the two girls wear their skimpy lingerie outfits and face sit each other on the mat. Tatiana tames the bad girl mia and gains full control of the match as she sits on top of her in her fishnet stockings and lets her ample breasts exposed. Mia is forced to breathe in Tatiana's hot pussy once again as always

It is a double face sitting for the slave as Athena and Samantha get together to sit on this slaves face in their black spandex pants. The slave lies on the floor as the two hot mistresses join together to form one so they can give this slave a face full of their hot asses. The slave is forced to breathe in the two beauties asses on the floor

Cute blonde Katherin uses her slave as a human seat as she sits her big full ass right on top of his face smothering him with her big ass cheeks. She wears her lacy black stockings and her black thong underwear as she straddles his face with her lovely butt. At the same time she has her slave tied up and pinches his nipples and he can't do anything

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