Ass Smothering

Do you love the feeling of hot, sexy asses which prevents you from breathing? Then check out those clips - NOW!

Smoking hot blonde Alex gets herself off by riding under the smaller girl, Bambina's face. She wears her tight blue denim shorts as she squats her jeans pussy over Bambina and makes her lick her pussy through the shorts. Bambina's face is covered by Alex's crotch as she grabs Bambina's hands to make her feel her big tits and feels the pleasure of her tongue on her pussy underneath

Tatiana and Mia scheduled another wrestling match with each other and this time there were new rules as the two girls had to see who could orgasm on top of the others face first. The rule was the winner would be declared if one girl could gain control by getting on top of the others face first and then finger themselves into a nice orgasm on to p of the other

Mia always knew she was a tough dominatrix, but she proves herself again to the delightful Sam. Sam is a big girl, but that is no match for Mia. She totally takes control of the mat and Sam's face. Sam gets a mouthful of Mia's ass on her face. Sam can't move at all with Mia directly implanted on top of her face. What a match!

Jane just bought a pair of new jeans. What is a girl to do with a pair of new jeans? Of course, sit on her slave boy's face! She looks too hot in her jeans, so her slave might enjoy being smothered in new denim. She really grinds on his face letting him know that she is serious and means business. All he can do is lay there.

Slave Jake is getting tormented by Amyleen and her hot white jeans. You can't even imagine how hard it is to resist Amyleen and her super sexy body. All you can do is wait to be smothered and enjoy the view. Amyleen is very brutal and sadistic, so her slave is going to be in for a real treat. How long can Slave Jake hold his breath?

Lady Cathy loves to workout, but she also loves to take her curves and smother slaves with her big juicy ass. Her tiny g string panties is all that is protecting her slave boy from all of her juiciness. She is going to be sure her slave gets an enormous amount of her hot sweaty ass right on his face. He better be sure he takes a huge whiff.

You cannot mess with Jessica Perola at all. Not only does she brutalize women, but she straight dominates them to the fullest. Jessica will slap these girls, bounce on their face with her juicy ass, and choke them. Will these girls make it out the same? Probably not, but they sure put up a good fight. No one is a match for Jessica Perola ever.

Emma sure knows how to show her slave Chris the utmost in sadistic facesittings. Emma takes her naked ass and plants it right on top of Chris's face. She even spreads her cheeks wide open for Chris's nose to be embedded deep into her asshole. Talking about a harsh facesitting. Will Chris make it out alive after this experience? Way to go Emma for being so harsh.

Poor Kacie is going to get a nice face full of the lovely Alex and Teodora's ass right in her face. All of the lovely ladies enjoy facesitting. Female domination can be so erotic and hot, but when you have hot ladies participating it gets even hotter. Their denim jeans are going to get a great workout today, and Kacie's face will be nicely smashed by all the girls.

Mistress Manuela is a sexy mistress with blonde hair wearing a black tank top and white jean shorts as she sits on her slaves face and smothers him with her sexy jean covered ass. This sexy mistress makes her slave lay down on the bed and then she takes her sexy ass and smothers her slave with it making her slave suffocate as she prevents him from breathing under her ass.

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