Ass Smothering

Do you love the feeling of hot, sexy asses which prevents you from breathing? Then check out those clips - NOW!

Mistress Monica Mattos is a sexy mistress that takes her slave and wraps her body in tape and her mouth so she can not get free and has to take the facesitting that is coming her way. Mistress Monica then comes in and sits on her face with her sexy ass smothering her slave as she sits on her with her full weight pressing down on her slave making it hard for her to breathe.

Miss Dixie Comet is a sexy brunette mistress that takes her slave and makes him lay down on the bed and she sits on his face while she is completely naked. She takes him and presses her naked round ass down on his face and smothers him as she makes it difficult for him to breathe as she presses down her full weight on his face.

Mistress Serina is a sexy mistress that takes her slave and uses his face as a human cushion as she sits on his face and smothers him with her sexy ass. She is wearing a pair of blue jeans as she sits on his face and she sits on him with her full weight pressing down on his face and she makes it very difficult for her slave to breathe.

The ever sexy Egyptian Mistress Rashida is about to teach her slave a lesson about facesitting as she smothers her slave with her sexy ass. She gets on the mats and she takes her slave Hailey down within a few minutes and she does not take long to sit on her face and smother her with her sexy ass. This sexy mistress loves to torture her slave as she smothers her and makes it hard for her to breathe.

This sexy mistress that is ready to sit down and relax for a little bit and she decides to use her slave as a human cushion and then sit on him as she reads for a few hours. She makes him put his head on the couch and she sits down on top of him with her full weight pressing down on his head. She smothers him with her ass for hours as she sits and smothers him with her sexy ass.

Goddess NO is a sexy blonde mistress wearing a sexy pair of black fishnet pantyhose with a pair of black panties and a black tank top as she sits on her slaves face and uses him as human furniture. This sexy mistress is annoyed because her slave is breathing his warm air on her sexy ass so she tapes his mouth and nose shut. Once he is taped shut she sits on him again and reads her books as he is smothered.

Mistress Jessica Perola is a super sexy Brazilian mistress that takes hers slaves and facesits on them. She uses her perfect body to smother her slaves Isabela and Erica under her enormous ass. This sexy mistress sits on her slaves faces as she smothers them and makes it difficult to breathe. These sexy slaves sit under their mistresses ass and they struggle to get free from under her large ass.

Mistress Melena likes to slap slave Suzi around to get her where she wants her on the bed slave Melena get really horny thinking about sitting on Suzis face to get her self off.Melena likes a good mach so she smacks the hell out of Suzi throws her on the bed with her knees on Suzis arms so she can sit on Suzis face she grinds back and fourth on her face until she has a big orgasm and the juices flow.

Queen mistress Jessica loves to ride her slaves face she likes to grind her ass cheeks up against slave Gommolo big nose as she rides his handsome face to smother him with her pussy and ass in her tight shorts. Mistress Jessica then gets up and dances around the living room getting ready for for another round of ass siting to make her self really happy by doing it all over again.

Mistress candy Shows her slave Kacie what ass smothering is all about slave Kacie has not ever been dominate so she is not ready for what happens next . Mistress candy sits her sexy candy ass against slave Kacie face .Mistress candy grinds her spandex ass really hard on the face of her slave until slave Kacie get so excite that her tongue slips out of her mouth they grind back and fourth until done.

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