Ass Smothering

Do you love the feeling of hot, sexy asses which prevents you from breathing? Then check out those clips - NOW!

There are sometimes that slaves have to be made uncomfortable. Jessica is called into the room to teach a slave what that means. She puts him into her special leather chair. When he is in position, she puts her jean clad ass over his face, trapping him. He can't turn his head and has to smell her. She doesn't care how he feels, wants or that he can't breathe. Next time he will listen or he goes back to the chair.

There are some slaves that don't know why they are getting harsh treatments but they have to accept it. Empress CruelOn is one mean woman. She only thinks of her pleasure and satisfaction. When she wants to sit on her slave's face, she puts him on the couch and pulls her dress up. She puts her thong covered pussy on his face and does the same with her ass. As soon as she gets tired of him, she is done.

There are times that Mistress Kathrin gets in a certain mood when she wears her favorite jeans. She loves to sit on her slaves and she has the perfect slave in mind. She calls him into her den and has him lie on the floor. She sits on his face, cutting off his breath. She doesn't care if he can't breathe in her scent. She just wants him to lay there and while she gets it out of her system.

Mistress Xenia knows that her slave has been naughty. She knows that he has been looking at another woman and that is against the rules. She takes him home and tells him why he is being punished. She then pulls up her skirt and sits on his mouth and nose so that he breathes in her scent. She wants her scent to be ingrained in him so that he doesn't make the same mistake again.

Xenia sits directly on her slaves face, forcing him to smell the ass of her jeans as she grinds his face smothering him with her weight. She smash's her slaves face with her hot ass crushing him. As he lets out a few moans, she sits on his face with even more face inflicting as much crushing as she possibly can. Xenia shows no remorse to this pety ass smeller.

What a bad little slave you have been today! Alice and Olive wear white tights, smothering their fat little slave with their sexy ass's. They grind his face with their large ass's putting as much weight on his head as possible. Deeper and deeper they grind his face into their ass's making it impossible for him to breath. They won't allow this slave to get off easily. They are in charge of his punishment.

What a lucky slave you are today. Samira stands before her slave showing off her sexy thong bikini. She sits directly on his face, burying his nose deep into her ass smothering him with all of her weight. She can't get enough of smothering her little slave, and sits back down grinding his face with her perfect ass again and again. She has no remorse for her worthless slave, and will not stop until she is ready.

Dominique doesn't care that her jeans are dirty and covered in her body odor. Shes warn them for quite some time, just so she can use them on her slave. She sits on her slaves face smashing his head into her stinky warn jeans. Sticking his face deep into her ass as she grinds back and fourth smothering him with her dirty jeans smashing his nose deep into their fabric.

Candy and Teodora are just trying to have fun with their little slaves face. They rub their ass's back and fourth smothering kacie's face, choking her with their weight. Kacie sits willingly unable to move as she is used as a toy for their pleasure. Crushing her with all of their weight Candy and Teodora enjoy their little toy grinding her little face deep into their gorgeous ass's over and over.

Svenja wants nothing more then to sit down, and enjoy her living chair. She smashes her ass directly into her slaves face forcing him to bury his face deep into her sexy ass. She bounces up and down sitting directly on her slaves face not caring whether or not he can breath. It is his job to sit and take all of the face sitting she wants to give out.

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