Ass Smothering

Do you love the feeling of hot, sexy asses which prevents you from breathing? Then check out those clips - NOW!

Marylou is a mistress that loves to do very humiliating things to her slaves. When she isn't being demanding, she is taking out her frustrations on her slave boy. He is very pathetic, so sitting on his face smothering him makes her feel good. She loves to use him as a seat cushion, because he is so weak and pathetic. She also laughs at him.

Diana is going to do some really brutal shit to her loser boyfriend. She thinks he is cheating on her, therefore she is going to humiliate the fucker and let him know he isn't jackshit to her other than a fucking loser. Diana will sit on his face with her jeans and rub her ass right on his face. He is begging her to stop as she smiles.

Katharina could not be any more sexier than she already is with her hot red outfit. She takes pride in how sexy she is, and she loves how dominating she can be. Katharina will place her ass on her slave's face, but she will also show off her tiny red thong and have it smother her slave's face. Katharina is beyond sexy and hot with her body.

Gina is a rocking hot bodied babe that loves her tight ass in jeans. She is going to take her perfect jeans and sit right on the face of her ass slave. Her slave has been a total loser for a long time, but she is going to make sure her slave understands that he is a fucking loser and he truly is pathetic as fuck.

Janette is a lady that has a terrific ass. Her ass is so nice that her slave will get to enjoy the benefits of a mistress with ass smothering skills. She is going to take her ass and put it right on the face of her slave. Smothering him with her ass makes her feel in control, and she is amused by how stupid he looks.

This slave absolutely hates face sitting, and mistress Mercedes knows that. Of course, he's been a bad, bad boy and needs to be punished. She puts on her sexiest outfit that shows off all her muscles and tattoos and then sits right down on her slave's face. She smothers all of her ass and pussy smell right where he can't avoid it, and he struggles against her horrible feminine smell.

Mistress Jean gets nice and almost naked in this video, sitting right down on this stupid servant, slave and piece of human furniture with the full weight of her ass and her pussy. She loves it when he squeals and screams and begs for mercy, but of course she gives him none, grinding her body and her panties into his face and dominating him and forcing him to smell her womanly juices.

These two sexy mistresses have decided to go on a first date! Of course, what other great activity could they share for a little bonding than to stomp and sit on a stupid slave. They party and dance on top of him, crushing their asses and pussies into his face and making him smell their terrible ass smell. They seem to be hitting it off very well and will probably be crushing slaves together for a long time.

Mistress Kathrin has decided to give a nice reward to her face slave today. Normally when she sits down and crushes his face she just wears a normal outfit. But he's done a good job being nice and submissive, and so she decides to wear a sexy little tiny outfit that will let him get a good smell of her ass and pussy. She sits him down in the floor and rubs all of her smell right into him.

This stupid and worthless slave hates getting crushed by his mistress Kasha, but she doesn't care what he thinks. She wraps him up where she wants him no matter how much he struggles and screams, and then tapes up his mouth so that he can only smell her when she sits right down on top of him with her ass, radiating her powerful pussy smell right into his nose. What a brutal woman.

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