Ass Smothering

Do you love the feeling of hot, sexy asses which prevents you from breathing? Then check out those clips - NOW!

Jules will never shy from putting on her tight black designer jeans for a hot facesitting session with one of her loser slaves. She loves to take her ass and put it right on her slave's face and smother him with her full body weight. She will sit on his face, and make him feel like the loser he truly is. Crushing him is her goal.

Alice and Maria smother and sit on Bambinas face. The hot girls are wearing their gorgeous bathing suits as they smother their female slaves face dressed in their hot bathing suits. She has her head on the edge of the jacuzzi as the two sexy ladies give her face full of their hot asses and pussies in their bathing suits. She can't breath any frsh air as she is smothered.

Angelia is a fucking hot girl! She has a nice ass and loves to wear jeans. But she also loves to dominate guys! Because he is her personal cushion she can use him whenever she wants. And to prevent him from escaping she tied his hands to a chair and now he cannot move anymore! Soon she sits down on his face and presses her sexy butt on his nose. She smothers him the bad way and the slave cannot breathe anymore...!

The Topless school girl, Anastasia Blake face sits and foot smothers her boy in her sexy little school girl outfit and stockings. She shows off her huge bouncing boobs as she goes topless while face sitting her slave. He gets to breathe in and lick her school girl ass and pussy through her white panties. Anastasia is a sexy blonde who gives the slave a full face sitting.

The submissive slave serves as gorgeous Mistress Black Diamoond personal slave as he lies underneath her on the dominatrix table. She pulls up her dress revealing her big beautiful ass cheeks in her black thong. mistress Blackdiamoond lets him smell her sexy ass as she covers and smothers his face with it. She has some nice big ass cheeks and gives the slave his own personal view and smell.

Sexy blonde mistress Svenja makes her devout servant her own personal seat cushion as she sits on top of his face in the smother box. Mistress Svenja dictates how long he has to stay in the box as she smothers his face with her thick lovely ass cheeks dressed in her hot black thong. The hot blonde sits casually on top of the male slaves face in the box.

The two beautiful American Mean Girls Queen Kasey and Princess Sierra use the male faces as their own personal bar stools. The hot ladies are amazed that men allow themselves just to be used like this- as nothing more than human furniture for women to sit on. They take advantage of them sitting on top of their faces with their gorgeous asses as they sit at the bar.

Gia is the youngest girl but she knows what she is doing and she has the body to do it as she sits on top of Carlina's face in her sexy purple spandex. Gia sits on her face wearing pink tights. And causes her real troubles for the end of their coffee time giving Carlina a face full of her yummy ass dressed in her purple spandex pants.

Ariel Black gives the two slaves a double golden ass Smother in her sexy tight gold pants. One is a rookie and one is an old pro as they both must hold their breath under her sexy gold pants. The two slaves have a contest to see who can hold their breath longer as they are both forced to place their faces under Ariel's sexy golden ass.

The gorgeous ebony queen Mistress Mlada face sits the slave totally nude giving him a face full of her lovely pussy. He licks her pussy good making misress Mlada cum again and again as she straddles his face. She face sits him hard in the outdoors on the grass showing off her lovely naked body with her big luscious tits. The slave is forced to lick her pussy good.

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