Ass Smothering

Do you love the feeling of hot, sexy asses which prevents you from breathing? Then check out those clips - NOW!

It's not enough humiliation for Mercedes to just sit on her slave's face. She wants to completely dominate him by putting him through facesitting over the toilet. She sits down hard on his face and smothers him then turns his head around so his face will go down in the toilet bowl when she sits on the back of his head. She laughs at his humiliation while his head is buried in the toilet.

Manuela is a dominating mistress who makes her slave tilt his head back on her chair so he can be her human cushion. She hovers over him with her sexy jeans ass and finally sits down on his face with her full weight. She smothers him with jeans facesitting on the chair then moves to the floor so she can get her ass all the way down so she can smother him.

Horny blonde Diana loves to feel her slave's breath being restricted as she smothers him with her sexy ass. She has on some hot black stockings and slowly lowers her crotch down on to his face. The facesitting goes on until the slave is smothering beneath her ass and crotch. She loves the humiliation she puts her slave through as his nose is buried deep in her ass until he can't breathe.

This cute and fair skinned brunette Zoe looks cute, but she is cruel when it comes to facesitting. Her slave lies in the floor while she sits on his face hard in her sexy jeans. He can feel her warm crotch and ass through her jeans as she completely covers his face and smothers him with her ass and crotch. She loves facesitting and could care less how cruel it is.

This Asian mistress makes her slave lie down and wait for her. She shows up with her jeans on so he thinks she is going to sit on his face in her jeans but she pulls her jeans down around her ankles so she can sit down hard on his face with in nothing but her panties. Her crotch and ass cover his entire mouth and nose and smother him.

Samira puts on some sexy jeans for some facesitting with her slave. She sits her jeans ass down on his face and smothers him. He has his nose and mouth completely covered by her ass and he pushes his face up further to get a nice whiff of her crotch. She humiliates and dominates him by smothering him with her ass in every position all over the couch and in the floor.

Beautiful redhead Mistress Kimberley is a cruel mistress who loves to smother her slaves with her ass. She has her whip out in case he gets out of line and makes him lie still for some brutal facesitting. She smothers him with her sexy ass and pushes her crotch down on to his nose and covers his mouth with her ass. She even stands and makes him push his face into her ass.

Sexy blonde slut Svenjas put on some short and tight jean shorts and sits on her slave's face. Facesitting is her favorite thing to do with her slave because she gets to feel his nose buried in her sexy ass. He smothers under the weight of her warm crotch as it covers his whole face until he can't breathe anything but her crotch smell. She subjects him to facesitting in every position.

When Kasha finishes a dance rehearsal, she wants her slave near so that he can help her relax. She puts him on the floor and puts her stocking covered ass in his face. She knows that she stinks of sweat but she doesn't care. Having his face and hot breathe on her ass and pussy is what makes her happy. He hopes that it will be over soon but she takes her time.

When Eve notices her slave's preoccupation with her ass, she decides to tease him with it. She put on her best ass hugging jeans and she started to sit on his face. She wanted him to be able to smell it and feel it. She knows that he likes it but he can't breathe. She doesn't care. She is teasing him by letting him get close enough to her ass and not be able to do anything about it.

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